22 January

Local Entrepreneur Tackles Tax Season, Year-Round

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Originally featured on Lincoln Park Patch

Lincoln Park resident Josh Smith doesn’t consider filing taxes a once-a-year responsibility.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur strives to serve as more of a business coach to clients of his recently opened firm, JBS Life Chartered.

“What I’m realizing is that so many people who start businesses have never even taken a single business class,” he said. “They can bake a cake or paint a picture and their products are marketable, but they may not know some of the basic business laws. That’s where I come in.”

He feels that offering guidance beyond general accounting is not just a specialty, but the responsibility of anyone who is a licensed certified public accountant. But too often, that responsibility is neglected.

“It’s not just about helping people get their taxes correct, it’s about helping them to efficiently run their businesses,” Smith said.

A Buffalo Grove native and graduate of one of the top-ranked accounting schools in the country, University of Illinois, Smith says he decided to start his firm because he feels accountants often do a disservice to their clients by simply sending them tax organizers once a year. He officially opened for business July 9, 2012.